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Habana Instant

Habana Instant, an award winning film shot entirely in Cuba before the restoration of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba, was one of the films highlighted at New Orleans Film Festival 2015, and The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Director Guillermo Iván about the challenges he and his production team had to overcome to make the film in an environment that has been isolated from technology and communications for more than 50 years. “There is [usually] no internet,” says Ivan. “Cuba’s not a place where you can get your laptop, access New Orleans Film Festival, apply with your movie and pay with a credit card. That is impossible for them, somebody else has to do it.”

Even though the movie was shot entirely in Cuba, it was a co-production between the US, Mexico and Colombia. Habana Instant had its worldwide premier at Montreal World Film Festival 2015, and was awarded twice: It won the Jury’s Innovative Award and the Second Mention of the Ecumenical Prize. That same year it premiered in the US at New Orleans Film Festival and was released to the public in 2016.

From October 2017, it will be available for the GCFlix audience.

To enjoy the full interview, check the Hollywood Reporter article in the following link: