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About Us

Who are we?

GCFLIX is a digital platform focused mainly on independent content. Our creative team is conformed by actors, directors, producers and distributors from the Latino and the International film industry. We constantly create original content that you will be able to enjoy in our platform.the International film industry.

What’s our purpose?

GCFLIX is focused on offering independent filmmakers an exhibition window as well as the opportunity to exploit their content in different territories such as Mexico and very soon the US, Canada, and other countries of Latin America.GCFLIX wants to offer unique content to an audience eager to enjoy good stories from filmmakers and talents from around the world that don’t always have the commercial exposure they deserve.Our original content is universally appealing but always counts on the Latino element that makes them unique and different.

Our motto

From Latinos to the world! From Filmmakers to Filmmakers! From the indie world to demanding audiences!