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2012More 14


Danna Garcia, Mauricio Mejia, Gustavo Angel, Valentina Acosta, Zair Montes, Mabel Moreno, Juan Manuel Lenins, Alberto Arango, Sofia Arrieta.


Film, Comedy


Santiago Rubio, a small-time Major, wants to become the next President of his country. To boosts his political ambitions, he decides to build the biggest airport in Latin America. For that purpose, he cuts a deal with the Hoyos Constructing Group, a very corrupt company that ends up spending all the Nation’s money for its own benefit. The Major's wife is a key element in the story as she strategises everything and ends up boosting a huge scandal. The Major is always surrounded by his assessors, three beautiful women who do very little. CAROUSEL makes fun of the Latin America corruption's “modus operandi”.